Unstained by the World

“I wanna

Seek you first

I wanna

Love you more”

those song lyrics from United Pursuit – Hidden, I’ve listened to over and over this morning.

How many times do we want to seek Him first? Every day do I want to run after Him more intently. “Tomorrow.” I tell myself. Tomorrow I will seek Him first thing.

Tomorrow comes, the alarm goes off, the phone is in hand, He stops you for a moment to say, “Remember me.” You hesitate putting the phone down to reach for your Bible staring at you, He’s waiting to connect with you. Do you do it? Do you pick it up? Or do you push off the idea, keep your phone in your hand and go through your social media, your email, check your games, or whatever it is stealing your attention from the One who gave you breath, opened your eyes this morning, gave you strength to rise from the bed, and yet you ignore Him.

I’m talking to you. I’m talking to me. We all do it. We are “other” obsessed. We are idol focused. We want to love Him more than anything, we feel the tug, the Holy Spirit nudging us, yet we are so distracted by worldly values (money, power, and pleasure). I mean what would others think if we just dropped what we were doing for some nudge? I know that feeling. Stop thinking about the rat race. What’s more important: what others think of you or your relationship with the only One who can save you from Satan and Hell?

“Keep oneself unstained by the world.” NLT version of James 1:27b says. We are given the command to stay pure, seeking Him only, yet we ignore such commands. We take for granted all He has given us. We get caught up in envy, malice, deceit, hypocrisy, and slander. We become who we don’t want to become. And yet, we don’t think we are that bad. We aren’t as bad as the guy on television who got caught, are we? Yes, we are.

We are imperfect sinning humans. If we just sit there in that statement, and choose not to listen to God, obey Him, and change our ways, we are a waste of breath. We are just a people without hope, caught up in some world created religion, forever lost, always seeking, but never finding and ending up in our final destination without God. He doesn’t exist in Hell. Is that where you want to be?

That’s not where I wanna be. Pick up the Bible. Stop running the rat race, there isn’t a prize at the end of it.

If it’s been awhile since you read God’s word, start with the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. If you think you already know it all, read and obey James. Did you catch that…obey? That means you do what each verses says to do. You say but, God hurt me. Did he? Or did a broken sinning person who’s actions weren’t loving hurt you? We are all sinners. Not everyone is filled with love, gentleness, kindness, and self control, we have to work at it. Give God a chance to heal your wounds. He loves you, no matter how broken or angry you are with Him or other humans. When you are ready, no matter where you are coming from, repent your sins and ask God for forgiveness. Going to Him isn’t like going to the principals office, but it may feel like it.

When we read, study, and obey God’s word, we do not walk away unchanged people.

Ask God to help you read and understand. Ask Him to reveal where you are lacking, to change your heart, your mind, and your actions. He’s listening and waiting for you to come to Him.

“I wanna

Seek you first

I wanna

Love you more”


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