Not Even Myself

Ever gone on vacation and you didn’t know what to do first, so you did nothing at all. How much more did your body just need to rest rather than to do?

I could easily fall asleep here, sitting in a comfy chair in the corner of the cottage while tree shadows danced in the living room. I want to go out on the deck, look around the lake; try kayaking in the 11mph waves; explore the grounds with my camera; pig out on everything I’ve restricted myself from; write; soak in God’s word; sketch; so many things, that this list is endless.

Then, I reminded myself that I’ll be here for a couple more days and just sitting here is good for my mind. Just me, the open air of nature shining brightly through the windows, the sound of distant wind chimes and the whistling cold autumn breeze, while my fingers tap dance across the keys.

Drifting I am, but no one will care, not even myself. That’s what vacation is for…rest, no agenda, and freedom from expectations.

Be free with me…go on vacation.


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