Let’s Get Real


Let’s get real, I mean why shouldn’t I? I’ve played the scene over and over in my head, I know how it will turn out, or do don’t I? I’ll just say what I’ve rehearsed. I’ll try to be tender, but will likely end up blurting out choppy sentences, losing all elegance to speaking. Either way, you’ll be shocked, as though you didn’t see it coming; perhaps you didn’t. I’ll be embarrassed, my face will flush. You will try to speak, but have nothing to say. I will laugh because I am nervous, throwing out wit that truly speaks of my heart, turn on heel, and walk towards the sun. You will still be standing on the sand, water lapping your feet, and mind running a hundred miles an hour.

What will you do? I don’t know. Will you come after my hopeless romantic heart or will you walk away? Only time will tell, only time will part these silenced lips, only in time shall we see what we see when we see it, shall we feel what we feel when we feel it.


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