Strategizing Nature

Copyright 2017 Tara J. Becker

“If I put my hand there and my foot there and bend to the left, dropping my knee there, yes,” I thought, pondering if any other twister moves are necessary to tip toe around the icy rocks and thorn bush over the bank edge. “I can do this.”

One boot in, “um, okay, hand here, foot…where did that thorn come from?” I question myself. “Let’s move this, yes.” My conversation to nature continues while I set myself up onto rocks and ice; my super warm jacket and furry hood camouflaging me in my surroundings.

I rest for a bit, preparing for my next move to reach over the ice encased thorn branch, with a few thorns still threatening puncture wounds if touched, to lean across a massive opening for the shot.

Standing, my arm reaches above the cold iced branch and I bend in half (it helps to be tall in these situations), dropping my arm down near the top of the water, where I can capture the sunrise, reflections of the sunrise on the cloud and water and the ice sickles in the water, as well as everything else that makes this so breathtakingly awesome.

“Oh that’s gonna be a great one.” I thought, as I recoiled myself, being careful not to touch the thorns, back to my start position and sit back to marvel at the horizon.


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