I lie awake with you on my mind. Once more your face comes and goes, but never gone, as I try to focus on something other than how much I like what I’ve gotten to know about you.

The way you engage with me, the way we talk, the way you encourage, laugh, care. Your wisdom, your wit, so uniquely you, that intrigues me; drawing me out beyond these veils as I try to put them on.


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  1. You have a gift for writing. 🙂

    1. becketar says:

      Thank you ever so kindly Jim. ☺️

      1. You’re welcome, but honestly I mention it not just to be kind, but so that hopefully you would know that you are a good writer, just in case you don’t believe it about yourself, just in case you’re humble, just in case you lack confidence about yourself, which I don’t think is the situation, but who knows. I could read 100 blogs and would I find another with your talent? I’m not sure I would. So I hope that you use your gift and have a wonderful life. 😀

      2. becketar says:

        Truly Jim, thank you for the encouragement, it is much appreciated. Humble…well, yes I am, but I am also honored that others like my writing. I write to put keystrokes to a digital canvas, words to engage the heart, emotionally pulling others into the moment I am feeling. I want readers to join the journey I am on. It’s as I am driving the car and the reader is my co-pilot.

        So, with that I am honored by your words, humbled, because that’s who I am.

      3. You’re very welcome. 😀😀

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