Shifting into the Shade


Peeking above the trees in the distance, the sun glistens and dances on the water below me. I had no plans today, but my mind has other ideas. Reminding myself of the reason to be out on the deck in the first place, in 40 degree weather, I collect my thoughts and move toward embracing God’s word and presence. More thoughts battle their way into my time with my King, yet they bounce backward into an unknown and are lost. He who has called me out here, will let nothing keep me from Him.

Closing my eyes, I am drawn into the worship music playing softly as the sunrises and unfolds before me. As a moth to a flame, so am I to the heat of the sun. Slowly as morning moves into noon, God clears my agenda to sit with Him longer. Rested, I lose my grip on the rising sun, I let go of chasing it, and surrender to shifting into the shade, while God’s love fills my heart.


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