A Night of Restoration


Satan wants me to believe I am:
making a mistake by taking a sabbatical from my career
a failure on my mission from God
able to carry the weight of burdens
emotionally unstable
not unique

My heart wretched with disappointment in myself, and feeling lonely in my longing for promises I’ve yet to see, led me to having a meltdown with God last night. As I laid in His arms, He held me whilst my tears fell in His palms. He comforted me while I let go of the heavy burdens I’ve been carrying, and lies I’ve allowed Satan to whisper in my ear. Each sob released the poison; where I was hopeless, He filled me with hope; where I felt worthless, He reminded me that I am His daughter; when I was trying to be stoically strong, He encouraged me to give Him the weight; and as a last effort to be angry with my King, He soothed my ache.

I fell asleep in my Saviors arms where throughout the dark night He restored me, then woke me in the morning light and a song on my lips.

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit” (Romans 51:12, ESV).


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