Dear September


How is it that you have arrived already? Just last week, I was basking in the warmth of the sun and here I am today, trying not to get blown off the deck by your strong winds and cold Canadian air. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in and out of the house putting on layers of clothes to return twenty minutes later to take them off, because the clouds you disperse are timely enough for the sun’s heat to touch my skin before clouds cover me again.

Please don’t miss understand me, I am glad you are here and look forward to what you bring with you, autumn. Oh, I can already taste the sweet earth and imagine golden, orange, and red leaves falling around me. My camera will be filled with the beauty your weather provides. My senses will be overfilled with joy, that I won’t be quite sure what to do with it all.

And yet…on the other side of the coin, your arrival forces me to release summer from my hands, watching it drift away slowly. Though its memories and laughter will be easily accessible for me to reminisce, I will miss the freedom it provides. My body will dormant itself after soaking up the warm sun these last few months. My feet will rejuvenate from being naked for so long. I will miss green lawns, the fragrance of flowers and their vibrant colors. My ears will turn deaf to the sound of frogs and animals that come here for vacation. And more over, my eyes will await spring, for boaters to splash through the waters and sail with bright spinnakers.

Oh September, how I long for summer to remain and autumn to come. Tell me of your plans.

Waiting with bated breath,


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