Calling Me Where I Am

Copyright 2016 Tara J. Becker

God has been calling me where I am, but I haven’t been listening.

As some of you know, from my previous posts, I have been arm wrestling with God about my purpose regarding why I am here, in this little town on the edge of the water that separates me from Canada. Why here? Why now? Why? For months I’ve been trying to understand and frustrated with little movement as to what I’m supposed to be doing here.

When I first answered the call, I felt God saying to come here to be with my nieces and nephew. To get to know them, after living across country for the last twelve years. So I came and discovered awesome personalities in them. But was that all I was called to do? Perhaps my eagerness to be more motivated told me there is more, or is it the fast pace attitude this world has adopted, to keep moving, get a job, get involved in the community, find a church to serve and attend. Be. Go. Do.

I am starting to believe that “Be. Go. Do.” isn’t my calling. I recently heard a Christian resource that your calling is where God has you right now. It’s not a finish line, it’s right now in this moment. Right now, where I am writing as I sit under the sun near the river watching people enjoy a seventy-five degree day in Michigan. Right here, is my calling. It’s in my: writing, taking pictures, meeting community that always starts by finding commonality in Jesus, hanging out with the kids, resting and building my relationship with Christ, being encouraged by family and friends, exploring the little towns on the water’s edge, and the idea of being a stay at home mother, should my desire for a husband be answered. My calling maybe in a new job, but I’m not tasked with knowing that right now. Neither am I to worry about it, says Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

God has pushed my reset button, now I crave so many other things than just “Be. Go. Do.” I’m being given opportunities that I wouldn’t have unless I moved here. So, you see, it’s taken me months to figure out that here, right here is my calling.

Have you found your calling, the place of which God has you working in where He’s gifted you? Feel free to share.


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  1. Zusset says:

    Thank you Tara for writing this. I think God puts us right where we have to be like you said. As I read your story my eyes started tearing up. Maybe because I feel exactly the same and I’ve been struggling with finding my peace in this world. I’ll keep praying to find that contentment while I find what my purpose is.

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