Beyond Myself and Into the World

I’m sitting in a local cafe facing the river and watching the world go by. A blur of red, grey, white pass in my peripheral between me and the river. I wonder where they are going, business, lunch, vacation? The music in my ear transports me back to Cali where my closest friends reside. I’m feeling nostalgic and wish I could be hanging with them as I used to, until a cackle in my left ear reminds me that I’m in a cafe, watching other lives move as I stand by.

“Get up and get out there!” A voice pushes from beyond a cloud of fear that walks around with me. “Stand up, pack your items and go sit on the boardwalk bench where you’ve been wishing you were for the last hour. Do it. Don’t think. Go.”

I look again at the bench basking in the sun, a disguise to the cold weather I am immersed in as spring tries to push winter out of the way. Moved for reasons beyond me, I stand to order a sweet treat and chai before stepping over the threshold and do as I am told.


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