Waiting and Still Waiting

I never thought I’d be caught NOT ready for employment. As long as I’ve known, my parents always held on to important documents from my childhood. I never carried them with me when I moved across country, by then I had accumulated some of my own important documents.

When I was hired recently, I didn’t worry about documents to accompany my I-9, seemingly I haven’t had a problem proving who I am, until now. I was asked to provide two forms of documentation. One was easy, my ID. The second was not so easy. My go to document had expired two years ago, leaving me to submit an unofficial document. I handed it over with that look on my face like I just ate a lemon, unsure if it would be accepted. You’re thinking what about other obvious proof? If I had it sometime in my life, it disappeared in my teen years. Its possible it could be living in my parents basement, I just don’t have the time to fly back and dig into the dungeon. Instead, I contacted my parents for another document that they would have on file to mail to me. So, I waited.

While waiting, I started think about my HR contact’s skeptical voice when I told her about my copied original document that was on it’s way to me. The I-9 instructions specifically state an original is needed. As day two of waiting came to a close, I had this fear that what my parents sent to me wouldn’t be enough. With desperation I ordered an original document from the state, it would be here in a couple days. So, I waited and waited and waited.

The day my document was set to arrive, I received a notice stating that due to a severe winter storm, there would be a delay in my document. It was stuck in winter storm Thor. Feeling the stress of this needed document, I surrendered what I could not control, giving package Thor over to God. It will get here when it gets here. My stress for this document dissipated. I waited, I forgot what I was waiting for, and I waited some more.

Even now, I’m waiting.


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