Lessons Learned from Walking the Dog

Head down, and nose to the ground, the dog is venturing places by smell. I can’t help but watch him venture to the high grass to defecate then off to wherever his nose leads him. Not once did he look around to see what was ahead of him. He missed chasing a fat squirrel, which always makes him a little more alert afterward. He missed leaping after a blackbird and the tabby cat that crossed our path. Could one suppose he missed all these objects because he had blinders on? Or perhaps the scent he was on was much stronger than that of an object?

At first I thought, where would I be if I only looked down in life. Always keeping my head down, never going after distractions. I’d be blindsided by people, things, emotions. Yet, the opposing side of this coin, I could see that sometimes I believe Jesus is asking me to keep my head down in order to focus only on where He wants me to step. The visual of the flashlight in the dark, lights the way directly ahead. If I point the flashlight out of my stepping site, who knows where I will end up. By keeping focused on my direct path would keep me in contentment and less pulled or swayed by distractions that lie ahead.

So, what is my application by this small moment in time? I shouldn’t be wearing blinders in the first place, but keep alert of my surroundings, with my heart and attention directed towards Christ. The fragrance of Christ is much stronger than distractions and we know it when we at first obey and second when we fail to obey. Praise, for His grace and mercy are always giving me second chances towards obedience.


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