Freedom at a Cost

As joyful tears of reunion collect at the corners of my eyes, my muse for Lure Me A Story grasp between my hands. To finish is my goal. To savor emotional truths, letting them drift over my thoughts and nestle. History is shock and awe, the horrible and wonderful.

I am beckoned by the warmth of the sun beyond the blue sky to linger. It colors my body, freckles and redness appear beyond the white. Every thirty minutes I overheat, sending myself into the shade to be rescued until goosebumps rise to push me back under the sun, back and forth until I am emotionally drained and physically exhausted.

My muse lays heavy on my lap, as planes hum above. I watch them glide over me and wonder how many feared the sound of the distant hum after the horrors they experienced. Emotionally tied to history and present day, sun beaten, haggard and disheveled has appeared before me. I whisper the last words, turn over fiber and see Epilogue.


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