Small Moments of Contentment – A Dogs Life

My newly found morning ritual has me settled on the couch resting in God’s word. I don’t feel the creeping cold while speaking with my Lord. It’s when I pull out my laptop that I realize a small chill, I’ve been wearing since last night, still lingers within me. I could get a blanket or join the dog basking in the sunlight near the front window.

I contemplate my next move, while wondering why I’m still sitting in the cold. So like a dog looking for companionship, I join him in the heat. He’s excited to have company and stretches so I can pet him. His hair is warm to the touch and pulls the chill from my hand. The sun immediately warms my face, I close my eyes to draw it into my flesh, it radiates through my body. I now see why the dog has been laying here for the past hour.

It’s low 60’s in this California winter, but feels much cooler in the house. When the dog and I go for a walk later, I’ll surely be changing clothes like Diana Ross in an award show just to figure out how to dress for the weather.


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