The Past Time of Bird Watching

Sitting in my dad’s leather window seat, watching birds feed on suet and seed is the best seat in the house for a bird watcher. The detail God puts into each bird makes them exquisite. Each one different and eye-catching. This morning I watched a Downy Woodpecker peck its way at the suet. The black and white feathers and strip of red on the back of its head, I can’t help to stare at its beauty. I’ve been watching Downy’s all week and just discovered today that it has a small hole in its little beak and very intense eyes. And earlier this week a very large Blue Jay stole my attention as its fat body hopped around on the ground, too big to fly up to a feeder. It truly looked pregnant. It’s rich smoke blue body, round white belly, and mohawk hood was intriguing. I couldn’t look away.

Other birds who seem to enjoy this social eating place are Chickadees, Titmouse, Cardinals, Nuthatches, and rarely seen Red Belly Woodpeckers. Squirrel thieves also visit. They climb up the iron feeder to get their fill, driving birds away, putting me in a dilemma to either watch nature or bang on the window to scare them off. Nonetheless, whether it’s a local or out-of-town visitor, there will always be food in this gathering place, and a set of human eyes on the other side of the window pane.


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